Let's keep it simple. Through the store, you can get:

The Real Deal : purchase the Waves of Destruction album as Deluxe Digipack - the true experience!
The Digital Deal: purchase the Waves of Destruction album as digital files, or stream it
T-shirts: Waves of Destruction full colour t-shirts and girlies
Show me The Real Deal!

So, you want to experience the album exactly as it was intended by Alarion? Good for you!
Deluxe Digipack Waves of Destruction album, includes:
• Six (!) panels of full colour art;
• Portrait pictures of the singers and instrumentalists;
• Booklet with photo's, liner notes, credits (who sang what on which track?) and all lyrics;
• And of course the CD.

Get the Deluxe Digipack album here!
Let's get digital baby!

Of course, the album is available for digital purchase as well:

Get Alarion - Waves of Destruction on
Get Alarion - Waves of Destruction on

Finally, for all you Spotify lovers - the album is on there as well and can be streamed there in full. If you like it, add it to your favorite playlists and help spread the word on Waves of Destruction and Alarion! :-)

Stream Alarion - Waves of Destruction on

Shirts & Girlies

Alarion shirts & girlies feature the Waves of Destruction album cover in full colour. Choose either a sturdy rock shirt by Fruit of the Loom, or a girlie by Gildan with a nice V-neck, for that feminine touch. ;-) As you can see on the pictures of these two fine specimen, the shirts look damn good!

• Shirts available in sizes M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL
• Girlies available in sizes S-M-L-XL

To order a shirt or girlie send an e-mail stating what type and size of shirt you would like. Price is € 15,- plus shipping. There is a limited supply. Not all sizes might still be available.