Waves of Destruction is the debut album of Alarion, a project by Bas Willemsen, featuring many guests, including:
• Damian Wilson (Threshold / Headspace)
• Irene Jansen (Ayreon / Star One)
• Paul Glandorf (Arjen Lucassen (live))
• Tineke Roseboom (Blaze Bayley)
• Erik Laan (Silhouette)
• Ben Mathot (Epica / Revamp)

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Vrijdag, 3 juni: UNIEKE album releaseshow in De Boerderij, Zoetermeer! Het gehele album zal éénmalig live worden gespeeld!

Met Alarion, End of the Dream en La-Ventura.

Alarion zal een dubbel front hebben van Irene Jansen (Ayreon / Star One) en Paul Glandorf (Arjen Lucassen (live)) op zang, met speciale gast Erik Laan (Silhouette) op keyboard.

Mis deze unieke gelegenheid niet: kaarten zijn hier te verkrijgen!

'Chains of the Collective' Official Lyric Video

Lead vocals by Damian Wilson (Threshold / Headspace)

Today we present the Official Lyric Video of 'Chains of the Collective', the opening song of the Alarion album Waves of Destruction, with vocals by Damian Wilson (Threshold / Headspace).

The video is a taster of the album, which will be released in June 2016 through FREIA Music and includes many guests, including:
• Damian Wilson (Threshold / Headspace) (on 5 more tracks)
• Irene Jansen (Ayreon / Star One)
• Ben Mathot (Epica / Revamp / Xandria)
• Paul Glandorf (Arjen Lucassen (live) / Semistereo)
• Tineke Roseboom (Blaze Bayley)
• Erik Laan (Silhouette)

The video was made by Charlie Feld.
You can (pre)order Alarion - Waves of Destruction here.

The video is also a taster of the special album releaseshow June 3rd 2016 at Boerderij Cultuurpodium, Zoetermeer, NL, with End of the Dream and La-Ventura​. Alarion plays with a double vocal front of album singers Irene Jansen ​ (Ayreon​, The Theater Equation​) and Paul Glandorf (Arjen Lucassen (live), Semistereo​). The full album will be played live just this once, so don't miss out!

Album releaseshow tickets are available right here!
More details on the album releaseshow at the Live section of the website (in Dutch).

La-Ventura joins Alarion & End of the Dream!

At the Alarion album releaseshow, June 3rd, De Boerderij, Zoetermeer

La-Ventura will join Alarion and End of the Dream for the Alarion album releaseshow, June 3rd at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer! :-)

The Alarion live formation, assembled especially for the release show, will feature a double front of Irene Jansen (Ayreon / Star One) and Paul Glandorf (Arjen Lucassen (live), Semistereo) on vocals, with special guest Erik Laan (Silhouette) on keys.

With the addition of End of the Dream and La-Ventura, the releaseshow promises to be a unique one-off occasion. Don't miss out and get your tickets now! -->> right here!

More details on the album releaseshow at the Live section of the website (in Dutch).

La-Ventura has its own sound: a great blend of melody mixed with Metal, topped with groove and powerful female Rock vocals by frontwoman Carla van Huizen. In 2014 and 2015 La-Ventura played on the biggest stages like Metal Female Voices Fest. La-Ventura are currently touring Europe supporting their latest mini-album “2.0”.

End of the Dream
End of the Dream a metal band with a unique sound, founded in 2010 by singer Micky Huismans and guitarists Armen Shamelian and Robin van Ekeren. End of the Dream is touring Europe supporting their debut album "All I AM", produced by Joost van den Broek (After Forever), and delivers an epic, melodic heavy metal show.

Alarion crowdfund closes at 173%!!

The ‪Alarion‬ crowdfund has now closed with a total score of 173% of the target! THANK YOU ALL BACKERS, YOU ROCK!! :-)
This means the target was passed with 73% extra! Rest assured your money will be well spent on all the expenses that come with the Alarion project!

All you backers are a part of this project now and will have your names in the album booklet. And: you can all expect your ordered items in May, BEFORE the album release date!

As a further thank you, we have a great announcement tomorrow concerning the album release show!

Tineke Roseboom guests on 'Waves of Destruction'

Tineke Roseboom recorded lead & backing vocals on Waves of Destruction , as can be seen in the sixth album teaser video. Tineke is best known in the rock scene for her work with Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden) and nylon guitarist Thomas Zwijsen. A graduate of the ArtEZ conservatory, she is very active in the classical circuit, for example with Hollywood Scoring.

Tineke recorded angelic sounding vocals for the track Clash with Eternty (which concerns the passing of a loved one). Her classical singing abilities and pleasant sound made her voice a great addition to that of Damian Wilson on several tracks where she recorded backing vocals. Moreover, Tineke provided soprano & alto choir vocals on several tracks, with the bass parts being recorded by Marinus van Grootheest.

For more info on Tineke and her participation check out the musicians part of the Alarion website here.

Ben Mathot guests on 'Waves of Destruction'

Ben Mathot recorded violin on several tracks of Waves of Destruction! Ben is well known for his regular studio recordings as violin player with many great progressive and symphonic rock and metal acts. Often working with Joost van den Broek or Arjen Lucassen, he has recorded for Epica, Revamp, Ayreon, Xandria and many others. Check out several glimpses of Ben's performance, the songs and the recording process in the fifth album teaser.

Ben recorded enchanting violin melodies to Clash with Eternity and the acoustic Turn of Fate, as well as the (sometimes scorchingly fast!) violin parts on Colourblind.

Get your copy of 'Waves of Destruction', or ticket for the live releaseshow (June 3rd, 2016), through the Alarion IndieGoGo crowdfund campaign now: be a part of the project and help make it happen!

For more info on Ben and his participation check out the musicians part of the Alarion website here.

Irene Jansen guests on 'Waves of Destruction'

Irene Jansen recorded lead vocals on Waves of Destruction, marking her first studio recording in 10 years! One of the most powerful female vocalists in the genre, Irene is well known for her work with Ayreon, The Theater Equation and Star One, and of course as younger sister of Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen with whom she performed many times. Check out Irene's comments and recordings in the fourth album teaser.

Not only is Irene a powerful singer, she can sing beautifully mellow as well. The versatility and range of Irene's voice are brought forward beautifully by the different layers she sung on the album, especially since she recorded vocals on an electric and an acoustic song.

Irene will be lead vocalist of the Alarion live formation at the special album releaseshow, June 3rd in De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands! Get your copy of the album, or ticket for the live releaseshow, through the Alarion IndieGoGo crowdfund campaign now, be a part of the project and help make it happen!

For more info on Irene and her participation check out the musicians part of the Alarion website here.

Alarion 'Waves of Destruction' crowdfund campaign launched: be a part of the project, make it happen!

A personal message from Bas Willemsen:

"Hi everyone. I am Dutch guitarist Bas Willemsen. Alarion is my solo project. For the past years I have worked to create the debut album Waves of Destruction. The album is now finished and contains an hour of melodic, symphonic and intense music!"

"Don't just take my word for it, check out the comments of guest lead vocalist Damian Wilson (Threshold) on the album in the teaser video. :-)"

"I love music, I love Alarion and I have happily and with all my heart put in my time, money and effort to create the album, to make it something truly special, record great guest musicians and get it out there and available to all of you."

"Creating and releasing an album for an ambitious project like Alarion is tough. Everything takes a lot of time and money. A big chunk of those expenses still have to be made to be able to release the album."

"Help me to make this album a reality! I love music, I love Alarion, and I want YOU to be a part of it! Check out my IndieGoGo campaign, and choose the special items YOU want!"

"You'll be dealing directly with me. Rock & metal fans are the most supporting and loyal fans in the world and I'm very eager to give you all something exclusive in return."

Special album release party on June 3rd!

Get your tickets WITH DISCOUNT through the IndieGoGo campaign!
- - The release of Waves of Destruction will be a momentous occasion. There will be a special album release party: your unique chance to experience all the songs off of the album live on stage!

Especially for this release show, Bas has assembled a great live formation to storm the stage, consisting of guest musicians off of the album, and other experienced Dutch rock & metal musicians, including a special guest appearance by Erik Laan of Silhouette!

The live formation includes a double front of two vocalists: Paul Glandorf and a vocalist who will be announced soon. Expect something special! ;-)

Special guests End of the Dream and -To be revealed- will join Alarion to make the album release party an evening to remember! The release party will be in The Netherlands, exact location to be revealed in a few days.

Check out the live formation and other release party details here.

A special album release show requires a special location. What better location than Dutch Prog Temple De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands? Date: June 3rd, 2016. Get your tickets through the IndieGoGo campaign!

Paul Glandorf guests on 'Waves of Destruction'

Paul Glandorf recorded lead & backing vocals on Waves of Destruction , as can be seen in the third album teaser video. Paul is known as singer in the live band of Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon (2012), as frontman of Semistereo and of A Day's Work. He has a beautiful voice with a unique and instantly recognizable sound.

Paul recorded great vocals on A Life Less Ordinary. Moreover, Paul's vocal style blends beautifully with Damian Wilson's. This enabled Paul to deliver some great backing vocals supporting Damian’s voice on two tracks. For more info on Paul and his participation check out the musicians part of the Alarion website here.

Damian Wilson guests on 'Waves of Destruction'

Damian Wilson recorded lead vocals on six tracks of Waves of Destruction, as can be seen in the second album teaser video. One of Bas’ favorite vocalists, Damian is of course internationally acclaimed as frontman of Threshold, of Headspace, as singer-songwriter, and for his work with many great artists.

Damian was the prime choice for vocals on several songs and delivered excellent vocal recordings, as well as some nice narration. For more info on Damian and his participation check out the musicians part of the Alarion website here.

Erik Laan guests on 'Waves of Destruction'

Erik Laan recorded piano and moog for two tracks of the album, as can be seen in the first teaser video. Erik was also the first guest musician invited to guest on ‘Waves of Destruction’. He recorded his parts in the studio of his band Silhouette at his home.

Bas first met Erik after a show of Silhouette in 2012. Bas was impressed by Erik’s compositions for Silhouette and the influence his compositions and playing have in the band. It is an honour to have him as a guest on 'Waves of Destruction'. More info on Erik here.

Guest musician #1 revealed in video!

Waves of Destruction, will be a special album, with appearances by many great musicians. By watching this video, you will learn the identity of the first guest musician!

Moreover, the video will feature some snippets of music off of the album, as well as footage of the guest musician.

So check it out, and enjoy the video and the music. :-)
More updates will follow over the coming weeks and months.

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Waves of Destruction: A New Era

This spring, Waves of Destruction, the debut album of Alarion will be released through FREIA Music. The album contains an hour of melodic, symphonic and intense music. It will be a special album, with appearances by many great musicians, whose identities will gradually be revealed in time.
So stay tuned! For the major updates on Alarion, the album and its release subscribe to the mailinglist here.

A New Era
A new era begins with Alarion as a renewed entity with a newly spelled name, signed to record label FREIA Music and working with booking agency JBM Events.
Alarion is the solo project of Dutch guitarist Bas Willemsen.

To mark this new era, a brand new website has been made.

A Vision
Through the years Bas became the sole driving force of Alerion, picking up ever more tasks and realising his vision by writing all the songs, recording guitars, keyboards and bass.

In August of 2013, bassist and longtime member Ronald van Schaik quit and moved to Norway. During the next six months both drummer Jeroen Nagel (joining Blind Justice) and singer Laura ten Hoedt (working on Ayreon's The Theater Equation) departed as well.

In the spring of 2014, Bas made the natural decision to continue Alerion as his solo project, making use of all things learned and loved during the previous years. The spelling of the name was changed to Alarion to distinguish Alarion from the many new artists who followed it with the name "Alerion".

Driven by his vision of Alarion, Bas set out to create and release the album ‘Waves of Destruction’. The album was to be something special: featuring some of Bas' favorite musicians as guests, and mixed and mastered by high quality studios.


van Schaik